Winter Camp Day 3

January 12, 2012Byron Henry

The third day of camp began as usual, with breakfast and yoga. With a snow storm looming, the team went into the fieldhouse at the JACC to work on passing skills and defensive lines. The team worked really hard in the drills and even though today was a designated "rest day", the team did not let up in effort. The team focused primarily on 2 on 1 and 3 on 2 situations, and showed great success, especially in the new recruits who make up a substantial amount of players this year. The team then shifted focus to defense, specifically on defending loose play from rucks and transitioning to the next breakdown. The new players picked up on the terminology quickly and the first session was very successful.

During the team's break for lunch, Tony Alford, the wide receivers Coach for the Notre Dame Football team and new Rugby fan, spoke to the players about their dedication and willingness to commit. He also commented about the players demeanor and how they represent more than just their teammates but the university as a whole. He really admires the hard work the team has put in this week and he urged us to continue our work to pursue success not only in our sport but in life as well.

Although today was supposed to be light, the team did not let up at all. They continued to give the same effort despite the two HTFU training days tomorrow and Saturday. Despite the hard work, freshman Zac Plantz realized the value of it saying, "Being that it is my first year with the team, although it is a lot harder than I expected, you can really see the improvements with the team, especially with us younger players."

Although the HTFU training days look to be quite tough, the team is really enjoying camp and the benefits it has for us. Junior captain Victor Sadauskas notes the benefits that go beyond learning the skills, saying, "The team is working hard and we are coming together closer than I've ever seen before. I'm looking forward to seeing the team in the future, and how well we will work together and play together." The camaraderie and bonding will really come to play as the players physical and mental boundaries will be pushed like they have never been before.

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