Player Profiles - Captain Victor Sadauskas

September 10, 2012Don Schindler

Victor Sadauskas

Name: Victor Sadauskas
Date of Birth: 05/07/1991
Home: Wheaton, IL
ND Graduation Year: 2013
Residence Hall: Morrissey Hall for first three years, now off-campus
Major/Minor: Science Pre-Professional/Middle East-Mediterranean Studies
Other clubs or interests (on and off campus): Research at IUSB School of Medicine, Counselor for Lithuanian Camps, 80’s music, etc. 
Rugby/Athletic experience before ND: I played one year for the Glen Ellyn Ducks Rugby Club in the suburbs of Chicago
Time with ND Rugby Club: 4 years
Club position: Captain
Please share a few meaningful ND memories from on and off the field:
One experience, which I don’t think I’ll ever forget, is upsetting LSU in Louisiana, during my sophomore year. It was our first real game of the year, and also our first game ever with the College Premier Division. The College Premier Division, or the CPD, was made up of some of the highest caliber rugby programs in the nation. In fact, some didn’t believe that the ND rugby program deserved to play in the CPD and were only invited because ND is a big name school. Although everyone said that LSU would walk all over us, none of the players or coaches believed that for a minute. We trained extremely hard in the off-season preparing for the CPD, and specifically for our first game against LSU. It was from this off-season training that the winter mental toughness session, HTFU, was born. As our final weeks of preparation were drawing to a close we learned that ND was projected to lose against LSU. Badly. Instead of demoralizing the team, however, this projection just brought us closer together. We knew that we could prove ourselves once we had the chance. During the flight to Louisiana, the entire team was buzzing with excitement. It was clear that everyone was ready.
The game is a blur to me now, but I do remember the unity, focus, and determination with which the entire team played. The game was hard fought, with excellent rugby played by both sides. It was close all the way to the last whistle, ending with an incredible goal line stand by us to keep LSU from scoring the winning try. Once the last whistle blew and we realized that we had upset LSU, a wave of euphoria swept over the entire team as we congratulated each other. I was so proud to be a part of such an amazing program with such passionate players and dedicated coaches. Every day, I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to play with such an incredible group of guys. 
In terms of off the field, my most memorable experience was being a part of a 24 hour spinning session last year to raise money and awareness for cancer research. The ND rugby club has been participating in events supporting research for cancer since before I joined the program. We helped collect donations at women’s basketball games, attended relay for life, etc. This specific school-wide event required that somebody be riding a stationary bike at all times throughout a 24-hour period. Although this event was optional for players on the team, almost everyone signed up to spend a Friday night riding a bike for cancer research. In fact, the rugby club decided to take the most difficult time slots for this event, and had players signed up to ride bikes between 2 and 5 am. This experience brought the team together as we sacrificed our time, energy, and sleep for a greater good. We ended up with an excellent (very) early morning workout, a great bonding experience, and an opportunity to have a positive impact on those suffering from cancer. All in all, I’d say it was a pretty meaningful night. 
Advice for current, former, and future players?:
Put in the hard hours, but make sure to enjoy yourself as well. From what I’ve experienced, you get out of rugby as much as you put into it. So long as you are dedicated and enjoy every minute of the sport, you will have some incredible experiences. Also, listen to 80’s music.