HTFU Day 1

January 13, 2012Byron Henry

The toughest day of camp began in the routine way with breakfast and yoga to start. During the night and early morning, more than a foot of snow had fallen in South Bend, which was perfect for our HTFU run. The day started with a casual 6-mile run around the lakes and through the freshly laid snow. The trail then led to Stepan fields and a very tiring sprint through the snow across the entire length of the fields, which left the players' quads burning. The team continued to the north side of campus where the players sprinted through the snow in a relay race event. After this, the players carried on their run all the way around to the east side of campus, down to Purcell Pavilion and across all the way to the bookstore for a brief break. Under the false impression that there was another lap to take place, the run ended at Rockne where the players earned a moment to warm themselves and dry off with snacks and refreshments. Freshman Gerry Kelliher commented that, "it was a great expereince, although it was hard with the snow and the cold, but it was a great team building experience."


The first half of the day was tough. With the wind blowing and the snow never ceasing, the players were physically and mentally put to the test. Every single player showed drive and determination as nobody ever let up. The veterans and new players alike showed great enthusiasm as well as persitence throughout the day. Although they experienced more pain then they are used to, every player welcomed it with the hopes of improving their fitness and strength.

After lunch and a break, the players were then put through a tough fitness and body work regiment in the ballroom of the hotel. Led by Coach Neil Macdonald, the exercises included a 6-minute straight core regiment, a 12 station total body circuit, then a final relay race consisting of various other excercises. Although the boys were tired physically and mentally, they showed their willingness to compete and the intensity that they maintained throughout the entire day. Although throughly beaten up from the days extensive activities, the players continued to give their full effort during the training. Another Freshman Garrity McOsker saw the benefits of the workout saying, "It's a unique training with a military background. It was very challenging but beneficial as it could be translated to the last minutes of a game when we are the most fatigued."

It was a great day of work all around and the team really put in the effort we demanded of them. Junior president of the club Daniel Palmer really enjoyed the work today, "I'm really proud of the team as a whole, especially on the run. Everyone finished and no one ever gave up. From the old heads to the new, this sport brings a real diverse selection of body types, but everyone was able to make it and that's impressive." Tomorrow looks to be equally as intense, as camp comes to an end. Stay tuned for more updates and photos.

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